The Nitty Gritty

We love taking pictures of drinks and we’re glad you like them too! Please use the following guidelines when posting photos from Drink Sanford’s website, Instagram, and Facebook pages (or any other place you may find them)!

You are welcome to share our photos on social media as long as you ask permission and give proper credit.

  • Ask permission. We always appreciate it when businesses and other organizations ask if they can share our work. It is our work after all, and we have invested time and money in learning and equipment (and drinks).

  • Give proper photo credit. Sharing photos without properly crediting the photographer is stealing. To give proper photo credit, you MUST tag us (@drinksanford) in the photo and caption. Just using a hashtag does NOT suffice. Credit must be highly visible and never buried in content.

Are you interested in high-resolution photographs for future, multiple uses and digital or print marketing? Contact us!

Example of photo credit on Instagram

Example of photo credit on Instagram