Cheers! This One's for the Girls


For the girls who love craft beer 

The Sanford Chapter of Girls Pint Out is bringing together women who are passionate about beer and their community.

We were super fortunate to run into two lovely ladies with a vision a few months ago at Sunset at the Zoo. They noticed our friend's "Drink Local" shirt which ignited a craft beverage conversation.

Brandi, our friend with cool t-shirt, and Jes | Photo:  Sanford Girls Pint Out

Brandi, our friend with cool t-shirt, and Jes | Photo: Sanford Girls Pint Out

Brandi and Jes shared they were just starting the Sanford chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national craft beer organization for women. Events are held to foster beer discussion, education, and fun. There's no membership process or dues and while most events are geared toward the ladies, dudes are invited sometimes too!  

Last night was their launch event in Sanford at Deviant Wolfe Brewing and I was happy to be there to have a couple brews and meet like-minded gals. 


One of the things we love to see from organizations who celebrate the craft of any industry is a focus on relationships. When introducing themselves on Facebook before the launch Brandi said, "Woman need a local community where we can share experiences, create networking opportunities, and support local businesses all while drinking craft beers."

There's a lot of negative and divisive "gunk" in today's world so it's refreshing to put down the phone and chat with a girlfriend over a hibiscus and citrusy sour.

In fact, women have been forming communities around beer for centuries. Ancient Egyptian women produced and sold beer, and women in colonial America were tavern and at-home brewers. Read more from the National Women's History Museum about the huge influence women have had on brewing throughout history.

So we're definitely excited to support Sanford Girls Pint Out and can't wait to see how it influences the Central Florida craft beer community. We also appreciate how authentic and welcoming Jes and Brandi are to all the girls that attend. Looking forward to many more Sanford GPO events!