About Drink Sanford

Founded in the historic town of Sanford, Florida, Drink Sanford is an art project that captures the imbibing journey of The Mr. & Mrs. through photography and the written word of our experiences, experiments, and quirky musings over a cocktail or pint.

Our journey is a celebration of craft cocktails, beer, and other beverages. We are soaking up everything history has to teach while we meet people on both sides of the bar. And wherever we travel, we take the spirit of Sanford with us (read more about our hometown below).

We are not bartenders, distillers or brewers, we are not brand ambassadors or critics - we are patrons. We don't know more than we know and this is our journey. If you see us coming, get ready for a wide spectrum of questions, engaging conversation, and awkward photoshoots. 



verb (used with object)

1. to consume (liquids) by drinking; drink
2. to absorb or soak up, as water, light, or heat
3. to take or receive into the mind, as knowledge, ideas, or the like

About the Mr. & Mrs.

Married in 2005, we are people who want to live well - creatively, authentically, and with purpose. We serve the Creator (Genesis 1) and want to use the creativity and talents He gifted us in unique ways to make an impact - big or small - on our community. We are thankful to be whosoevers (John 3:16).


The Mr.

A Sanfordite born and raised, the Mr. usually can't remember how old he is because frankly after a certain age the years start blending together.

"I enjoy witty conversations full of puns and dad jokes that are sprinkled with quotes from The Office, Arrested Development, Super Troopers, and Dumb and Dumber."

Drink of the moment: Ti Punch

Music of the moment: Foster the People, Martin Denny, and Jackie Gleason

TV of the moment: Frasier

Book of the moment: The Education of George Washington: How a Forgotten Book Shaped the Character of a Hero


The Mrs.

A *cough* thirty-ish *cough* Florida native, the Mrs. is a graphic designer with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich obsession (try it with corn chips!).

"I've had some of the most interesting conversations and experiences of my life over a round of cocktails. Most of the time it's not even about the drink, but who you're sharing it with."

Drink of the moment: Corpse Reviver #2 or a large Horchata from our local Mexican grocer

Music of the moment: Joey Pecoraro

TV of the moment: Homecoming

Book of the moment: America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns

About Sanford, FL


Sanford is located 30 minutes north of Orlando and sits on the shore of Lake Monroe on the St. Johns River.

Historic Downtown Sanford is booming with restaurants, bars, and events for every interest.

We have fallen in love with the small-town-feel where artistry, craft, and uniqueness is celebrated.

Put Sanford on your list of places to visit and contact us if you need any recommendations!

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